Friday, September 5, 2014

Progress and Plans: Full Bath Renovation

So guess what?

We were finally able to move into our house two weekends ago!  It's been a long process with quite a few major events interrupting the renovation schedule. But, we made it!!

I mentioned on Facebook that while the main projects are now finished and the rooms are all livable that nothing is completely ready for final, finished, and fully decorated reveals.  That led me to suggest showing what we do have done in each room and detailing the plans for finishing them up.

So welcome to the first in our series of Progress and Plans posts.

The before pictures don't really do justice at just how nasty the bathroom was.  Peeling moldy olive green wallpaper, green crusty fixtures, and 4 different types of green tiles.

The bathroom was built using an existing porch structure so the ceilings are lower than normal.  We wanted the space to feel bright and open.

For now white walls and trim look fresh with a beveled white subway tile surround, a rounded white tub, gray/white octagon and dot floor tile, and a Dried Lavender milk painted vanity.

The kids love the "rainbows" made by the new sconces!  I can't say I mind them either!

A sheer floral scarf from Walmart adds privacy while casting pretty muted tones.  I can't resist pretty floral patterns!  I picked up a second scarf to hang if we decide we want 2 panels.

The linen shower curtain came from World Market.  I wanted to tone down the white just a bit and play off of some of the wood/bronze tones in the space.

The brightly framed cottage garden crewelwork was bought on Etsy.  The yarn is faded but one of the flowers now shares the exact same lavender shade as the vanity!

I painted the vanity in Dried Lavender Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  LOVE the color!!  So happy it looks awesome with the gray dot tiles.  The finish is already spotting on the top since I only used hemp oil and wax.  New plan is to add one more coat of paint and then seal with an oil based topcoat. Oh how I was trying to avoid that!

We dropped in a Kohler Farmington sink bowl with widespread fixture holes.  The faucet and tub/shower hardware are the Caldwell series by Moen.

A tension rod mounted bronze tub storage unit is working perfectly for our family of 5 (so far).

So now, on to the plans.

1. Towel storage:  Our plans include a board and peg rail.  My husband picked up two wood spools that are slightly larger than standard shaker pegs.  Cut in half they will make 4 nice size pegs. Hopefully we can find one more similar spool for a total of 6 pegs.

2. Hang mirror: This antique dresser mirror is a beast.  I want to get it up off the vanity and hanging on the wall.  If you have a suggestion on how to hang it and have it stay put I'd love to know!

3. Toilet paper holder/storage: This tank top basket isn't cutting it and a standard roll holder would have to be hung in an awkward position from the toilet.  I'm hoping to purchase this toilet paper holder basket from Pottery Barn to fill the space.

Perry Paper Holder - Havana Weave

4. Hang towel ring: We picked up the matching Caldwell towel ring to hang beside the vanity.  Just need to put it up!

5. Build in shelves: The closet on the other side of the bathroom wall was used to put in the HVAC ducts.  We bumped out the bathroom into some of the leftover space to add some additional storage. Three shelves, finishing paint, and baskets and it'll be good to go.

 I'll be back with updates when we've added all the finishing touches!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

20 Inspiring Handmade Furniture Projects

We're finally nearing move in day at our 1910 home.  

I keep telling people "We can move in once the full bath is done".  Well, it's done!!!  Fully functional but still waiting on a shower curtain and decor.  

But...we still can't move in.

Plans changed and we decided we had to finish off the boys' room too.  Two rooms worth of furniture packed into my daughter's room makes it impossible for any of the kids to have a place to sleep.  

The boys' room is down to just needing the floors painted.  That is supposed to happen over the next few days so hopefully move in will finally happen this coming Wednesday.

I've been thinking about how to arrange the furniture throughout the house.  What to get rid of, what to refinish, and what we'll still need.  I've also been toying with the idea to build some furniture.  Namely, a dining room table and matching dressers for the boys.

We really love the queen bed hubby built for our master and would love to try our hand at some more custom pieces.

When Hometalk asked me to curate a board of handmade furniture I jumped at the chance to dig into the archives for some hand built inspiration.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Boys' Room

Move in day is fast approaching!  While there is still much to be done the only task before moving is finishing off the full bath.  Walls went up, plumbing is fixed, and the tub is set.  Tile is going in around the tub and on the floor this week.  Hopefully we'll be living in our house in 2 weeks!

When we first planned out our rehab work list the boys room was going to be the last main space to be touched.  Well plans have changed since we decided to just drywall over the existing hodgepodge of wallpapered plaster and drywall walls.  The drywall is hopefully going up this week and then we plan to hire someone to do the finishing work so hubby can focus on other tasks.

Now that the boys room has been moved to the front burner I'm back to planning an urban forest / camp themed retreat for the boys.  The plans have changed now that we're in a different house and now that two boys that will be sharing the room.  I've been refining my ideas and busily pinning more camp themed items and inspiration.

At the estate sale (a week or so before we officially bought the house) I uncovered a box of natural themed books.  They are the perfect collection for the boys room and are an exact fit for the color scheme I'm planning for the room.

Funny how a stack of books can be so inspiring!  Seeing them makes me so excited to get started.

Here's the room we're working with.

I cannot wait for that stack of drywall to get up on the walls so I can get moving with the design.
( I was writing this post Hubs came in and informed me there is now drywall up on the ceiling and two walls!  He said it already looks like a brand new room. Woohoo!)

Keep your eyes open for a complete design board next week.

***Due to the amended bedroom plans, I will most likely be selling the woodland dresser I painted for my son's old room.  If you're local and know of anyone who might be interested feel free to send them my way.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Narrow Half Bathroom Reveal {1910 Home Renovation}

Our narrow half bathroom renovation is DONE!!

And by done I mean construction is finished and it's completely functional and not that there is nothing else to be done in the room.  Eventually, we'll hang some art/decor across from the mirror and I also have plans to hang or build in shelving behind the toilet.  If you notice this tiny little bath is short on storage.

Before I share more pictures and details let me remind you how the bathroom looked when we bought the house in February.  Yikes!  Dark, dirty, and dated.   
A few weeks ago I shared my plans for the room and I'm so excited with how it turned out.  My husband, our fathers, and my brother did a fantastic job!  All I can lay claim to is the design and a DIY redo of the original bathroom mirror.

Enjoy the tour.

We picked up the matte white Hexagon and Dot tile from Home Depot.  I often see it grouted with a darker color but since I prefer grout that matches the tile we went with white grout as well.  Hopefully the addition of a grout additive will help keep it from staining.

The Harriet Console Table was purchased from Joss and Main's a Sprig of Mint sale.

We purchased our Millenium Lighting Neo-Industrial Wall Sconces off the shelf at Lowes.  While I can't find a current link to the bronze at Lowes online they do also offer the fixture in chrome.

We found the perfectly sized slimline sink at Ikea.  It is the Lillangen model (23 5/8" x 10 5/8" x 5 1/2").  It has a modern edge but it also reminds me of an apron front sink so it fits perfectly for an updated farmhouse look.

We loved the Bol Faucet by Kohler for the same reason.  Its design was inspired by an apothecary mortar and pestle.  It also has a shape reminiscent of an old hand cranked water pump.  It was a splurge but my plumber hubby has nothing but good things to say about the Kohler brand.

Another (semi) splurge was the Arcadia Subway Mosaic tile purchased from Wayfair.  At $15.00 sq ft it is by no means a super expensive tile but for a larger area it would have made the project fairly expensive. Thankfully, we were only tiling a small space and only needed to order one box of tile.

The second half bath and kitchen are up and functioning as well.  I hope to be sharing those spaces soon.

All that's left on the "before we can move in to-do list" is to put back together the full bathroom.  We're hoping it will be ready enough for us to move in by mid July!!

*For renovation peeks between posts, be sure to follow @dearemmeline on Instagram.

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