Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The building of a bed {queen bed frame plans}

We revealed our new master bed last week.  The low platform bed that our kids thought was their own personal jungle gym just wasn't cutting it anymore.  We experimented with different wood weathering techniques and settled on using apple cider vinegar and steel wool to create an oxidizing stain.  We are very happy with how it turned out and are sharing our plans if you are interested in making your own!

Weathered Bed Plans
Materials (we purchased all of our supplies except the bed frame brackets from Lowes)
3- 2x4 =$2.74 each
1- 2x8x8 =$6.68 {side rail}
1- 2x8x12 =$9.98 {side rail & foot board}
3- 2x2x8 =$1.87 each
12- 1x4x8 (furring strips) =$2.42 each
4- 1x3x6
box of 2.5" wood screws =$5.58
1 pack of bed rail fasteners =$13.69

1. Determine mattress size (ours was 60" x 80") and add 1" in all directions for proper mattress clearance.

Headboard Frame:
2. Cut two 2x4's to 60" in length.
3. Make frame by laying the two 2x4's out on the ground parallel to each other on 2" ends.
4. Cut two 2x2's to 62" in length.
5. Screw first 2x2 to the tops of each 2x4.  Measure 42" from top and attach the bottom of the second 2x2 along this line.  There should be 39" between the two 2x2's.
6. Cut three 39" lengths in 2x2's.  Attach between 2x4" at 16.5" from each side and at center (32.5").

7. Begin cutting furring boards to size.  Start with a board the full length of the bed (65").
8. Measure and cut boards as you go to stagger as desired.  Lengths will need to measure 16.5", 32", 32.5", 48.5, or 65" so they can be nailed into the 2x2 uprights.

Possible combinations are:

  • 65"
  • 16.5", 32" and 16.5"
  • 32.5" (x2)
  • 16.5" and 48.5

9. Lay out boards and nail into supports as you go.

10. If the boards are bowed use a large clamp to straighten and hold them tight while you nail them in place.

11. Measure and cut a 1x3 and 1x4 to 65" in length.  Nail the 1x3 flush with the back of the 2x4's and nail the 1x4 directly in front overhanging the front of the headboard.
12. Measure two 1x3's 42" in length and nail them one each side of the headboard from top to bottom to trim out the furring strips.

13. Measure and cut one 2x8 to 62" off of the 12 foot board (if you from the 8 foot board you will be running to the store for another.  Learn from our mistakes!).
14. Measure and cut two 18" lengths of 2x4 (these will be cut from the leftovers of the uprights from the headboard).
15. Attach as pictured below.

16. Cut the two 2x8 side rails to 82" in length.
17. Follow the instructions on the rail kit to attach the rails.  Attach clips at center of side rails.
18. Cut one 2x4 62" in length and attach 10.5" up from ground on bottom of headboard to attach mattress supports (this board should line up with the bottom of your side rails). -not pictured

19.  We created our mattress supports a little differently than normal in order to use plywood from our old bed frame as seen in the image below.  My suggestion would be to attach 2x2's the length of each side rail (lined up with the bottom) and purchase 1x4's to act as traditional bed slats.  In which case they would need to be cut a hair shorter than 62" so they will drop down and rest on the 2x2's to support your mattress.

And, just to throw a dose of reality are some shots of my husband's pickup truck workbench, parking space workshop, and assistant handygirl!

Did I mention he built this outside on a cold drizzly morning?  Can't believe the little one had so much fun and stayed out there for quite a while!  She likes to be a part of our projects as evidenced by her need to be in the middle of my Old Pickup Blue photo shoot.

Thanks for sticking through the whole tutorial and if you decide to use the plans or modify them, I would love the see your final project!  Feel free to email me pictures or leave a link in the comments.

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